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Travel Tip worth Millions

During an evening siesta I met an owner of a travel company who shared interesting information about how the #millennials are now their major clients. I asked him what is so unique about their travel habits. I was shocked when I heard the answer.

The #GenY travels smart. They always make sure that they have the best travel insurance plan from the beginning to the end of their trip.

It does make sense. Travel insurance are available in the range of 20$ and above for an individual traveler. There are so many company which also gives discounts on family plans.

I realized how often we have heard or had personal experience of -

  • Flights getting delayed

  • Flight Cancellation

  • Loss of Baggage

  • Delay of Baggage

But apart from above most disturbing is when we have a medical emergency during our travel. The travel health policy covers for the medical expenses as well as medical evacuation.

This become so much clear when one of our satisfied client shared us his story.

While on a ski trip on the Swiss Alps his son had a fall and had a hip fracture. Emergency Medical Services airlifted him and rushed him to the nearest medical facility for treatment.

He anticipated huge medical cost and was worried to have maxed out on his credit cards. The medical facility asked him if he had a travel insurance. He showed them a copy of it.

At the time of discharge he was handed a bill for the treatment. It was a pleasant surprise when he saw the almost all of the treatment cost was approved by the insurance company.

So next time you travel; don't forget to get yourself a travel insurance from professional agency.

Click here for more travel tips & travel smart.

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