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Drive Safe & Know your policy exclusions

You won’t receive coverage under any of these situations.

  • Accidents caused due to Drunk Driving is NOT COVERED

  • If the insured or any other person, with the knowledge and consent of the insured, is driving the car under the influence of alcohol or drugs or any other intoxicating substance.

  • If the vehicle was being driven by a person without a valid driving license.

  • If the Driving license does not match the vehicle class.

  • Damage to engine as a result of oil leakage.

  • In case of violation of car manufacturer's guidelines for use of car and related failures or breakages.

“Insurer citing above exclusion rejected claim of around 170,000 KD was due to drunk driver killing 5 pedestrians on road. The employer had to bear the complete liability of this claim”

Connect with us to know more about how we can help you mitigate your risk and get you an insurance to protect your business.

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